For ultra-wide angle video, all you need is a fish-eye lens and Panini-Video.
Here you can download test versions of the premier ultra-wide video reformatting tool.   
 They are licensed at no cost for evaluation on one personal computer for 60 days from the release date. No commercial use is allowed.  You may not distribute copies.  
By downloading, you agree to these conditions.  
We expect to release several test versions, so check back often for updates.

Current version 0.4 beta, 23 December 2012 (expires 23 Feb 2013)

User Guide Windows Installer MacOS .dmg
Release Notes
We hope you will show your interest in Panini-Video by joining the Panini support group.

e-mail: (can attach small images)

browser: (no images)

Panini-Video needs a modern computer with a fast CPU, at least 3 GB RAM, and a graphics card with 250MB of video RAM. Your video driver must support OpenGL version 2.1/DirectX 9 or better.  
OS should be Windows Vista or later,  or Mac OS 10.4 or later.

Panini-Video is copyright 2012 Thomas Kite Sharpless, all rights reserved.